Virtual Administrative Assistant

Running a successful business requires many repetitive but essential administrative tasks that need to be handled each and every day.   Our virtual administrative assistants are affordable and adaptable so that you can schedule help as needed – whether it be for a few hours each day or extra support for an ongoing project.  Contact A Step Above Legal Solutions to hire a top affordable Virtual Legal Assistant.

Our virtual legal assistants have over three decades of expertise. We can save you time and money which will let you focus more on growing your business and clients while we handle your daily and weekly tasks.  Some of the tasks our Virtual Legal Assistants handle include: 

  • Handling communication with clients
  • Preparing legal documents and correspondence to clients
  • Opening files and new client matters
  • Maintain contact lists 
  • Monitoring deadlines

Talk to us about how our Virtual Legal Assistants can help you manage your daily activities. 


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