Patent Prosecution:

A patent is the exclusive right that is given to an applicant for an invention.  There are several different types of patents (i.e., Utility Patents, Design Patents and Plant Patents).  The process to obtaining a patent can take several years.  After the patent application has been filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) it will be reviewed by a Patent Examiner.  Once all obstacles (if any) are overcome by the applicant, the patent will be approved by the Examiner and a patent will issue.     

Advantages & Benefits of Patent:

The main advantages of a obtaining a patent – 

  • It helps prevent others from copying, manufacturing, selling or importing your invention without your permission.
  • Some businesses are able to collect royalties from a patent they have licensed to a third-party.
  • It gives the owner of the patent exclusive rights of the invention. 
  • It helps businesses find investors.

 Without a patent, inventions are not protected.

As patent prosecution paralegals we provide you with over 35 years of experience.  We handle all aspects of patent prosecution from the filing to issuance and all steps inbetween. 

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Our virtual paralegals bring expertise in an array of areas:

  • Application filing – all document preparation and electronic filing (US and PCT)
  • Prepare and proof IP-related documents and forms
  • Prepare and file oaths and declarations
  • Prepare and file assignments
  • Conduct case reviews for preparation and filing of information disclosure statements
  • Draft office action templates and file completed responses electronically
  • Setting up responses to US, PCT, and IB formalities communications
  • Proofreading Issued Patents 
  • Preparation and transmittal of national-stage filing instructions to foreign associates
  • Draft and transmit routine correspondences for in-house attorneys and agents, outside council, foreign associates, and clients


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